The smartest small business health benefits option.

Get subscription based health care for your employees at a fraction of the price compared to traditional insurance options.
Our Story

This platform was created by the son of a small town Chiropractor. After forming a successful IT services company, the founder decided to help his family business by bringing them more patients while filling a large need for affordable small business benefits.

Our Vision

Our vision is to give small business employers an affordable benefit to add to their portfolio. This is done through negotiating the perfect health care plan with almost zero administration costs that inflate pricing. Now small businesses can attract top talent using affordable benefits.


Subscription based health care to local providers to ensure the best care. It's the perfect substitution to traditional health insurance options. Employers can select the ideal health plan benefit to attract top talent while keeping their employees health.


How it works

Pick a health plan that is most suitable for your employees and your business model. The plan you choose will be used for all of your employees.  Some plans are preventative and others cover 100% of your chiropractic needs. 

We'll provide a list of participating local doctors and you get to pick one of them. This will be your assigned practice for all your employees.

Choose Employees Who Qualify

There are no minimum number of employees to be a part of the program which means you elect which employees qualify for this company benefit. 

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"The smartest employee health insurance alternative on the market"

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