Chiropractor Agreement

For Chiropractors Wanting to Join

If you are wanting to learn more about the requirements you would be agreeing to by joining our program, then this page breaks it down into detail. This page generalized the legal agreement to help you understand what is being asked of you.

First of all, it is important to understand what Health Plus is all about and how it benefits your bottom line. It is a small business benefit program that connects businesses to local chiropractors that have agreed to this discount program. As a chiropractor, Health Plus brings you patients in bulk. Small businesses tend to be between 3-50 employees. When you partner with Health Plus, you get the entire company of employees as new patients Our pricing reflects group discounts and there will be some months where an individual employee causes you to lose money, but as a whole company, you increase profits with less of your time. Health Plus is your outbound sales and marketing team that you don't have to pay. Think of Health Plus as a sales team that finds you new  patients in large quantities that are guaranteed to pay monthly. You aren't giving a portion of the monthly fee to potential leads, you are giving a portion to signed up new patients that come in large quantities. 

Here is an example of the value Health Plus brings to your bottom line. 

Most Popular Plan: Health Plus at $90/month

Average Small Business Company Size: 10 Employees

Typical New Patient Lists Per Year: 4-5

After the small commission ($7), this leaves your practice with $39,840 - $49,800 more annual revenue. That is using average numbers because practices usually don't have the bandwidth for any more patients than this. Even just one average company will bring guaranteed $9,960 of revenue when a business is placed with your practice. 

There is no upfront risk to you since you don't have to pay ahead of time for just a lead. The risk you take as a practice is really 2 things:

  1. Malpractice

  2. Risk that an individual will cause more work than their monthly fee.

These two risks can easily be justified. The first is a risk your practice takes everyday and you should have insurance for that already. The second risk is known, but the average of the group care will still keep you profitable even when multiple people in a company cost more than their individual fee. It's important to consider the profit the group of employees will give to you.  

Now that you see the value that Health Plus brings to the table, let's break down the process so you can be prepared to care for the patients. 

Sample Process

This is a breakdown of the process to help you see where your practice is involved in the engagement. 

  1. Health Plus finds a new business that wants to add it as a benefit

  2. Business agrees to 12 month minimum contract

  3. Health Plus provides business with local practice option. Note: all practices within 10 miles are rotated in evenly to ensure all Health Plus partners receive equal opportunities. Business has the option to ask for another option if they have an objection for any reason.

  4. Your practice receives notification that a business is requesting being added to your practice.

  5. Your practice must ensure you have monthly bandwidth available including if the company adds more employees.. You can reject a business at this stage for any reason. 

  6. You will have 1 business day to agree to accept the business. 

  7. Employer informs Health Plus of the employees being added to the benefit plan.

  8. Health Plus prints a benefits card with their name, plan, company, benefits start day, and expiration of benefits. 

  9. Your practice receives all new patient setup fees ($25 per employee which you receive entirely) and membership payments on the start of the contract date. 

  10. Your practice remains under contract for the first 12 months. After the contract, either your practice or the business can cancel or renew membership. If the business requests transferring to another practice, they will have to pay the new patient setup fees again. 

  11. In the event that a company terminates an employee, you will be notified and you will be responsible for not accepting their benefits card.

  12. In the event that a company hires a new employee, you will be notified, receive the new patient setup fee and membership fee, and the employee will follow the same company contract period.

Health+ Commission

Preventative Plan - $3/month

Essentials Plan - $5/month

Health Plus Plan - $7/month

Comfort Plus Plan - $10 month

You receive the rest of the subscription payment! The employer can pick any plan for any employee which means the total group cost will vary.

What's a good place to start?

First of the "Request to Join" button and just talk to a human. You'll be connected to one of our customer support representatives based out of Madison, WI. As long as you can understand a mid west accent, you won't have a hard time getting answers to your questions!

We suggest that when you are ready to participate, you take it slowly and get comfortable with the process. Request our team for a business size of 5-15 employees so you don't get overwhelmed. You can use this first set of new patients to test the waters. See how you like working with us and begin to integrate our process with your practice. You are still required to agree to the 12 month term for each new business being added. That's why we suggest you take it slow so you get a chance to integrate this business model into your existing practice.

If the first couple months go smoothly and you like the partnership, feel free to let our team know you want another business added and even let us know your availability. If you have a lot of free slots to fill, we'll boost our sales and marketing efforts in your area.

Have more questions about the program?



What value does Health Plus bring?


Health Plus brings your practice new patients that are guaranteed to pay for a minimum of 12 months. You are handed a group of patients to fill your schedule. You aren't paying for leads that a competitor might take, you are getting new patients that pay. Cash based patients so you don't have to worry about insurance companies. Full transparency of what your get paid. 


What commitment do I have as a practice?


When an opportunity for a group of new patients comes your way, you have the opportunity to say no. Once you accept the business, you are committed to their 12 month contract term for that specific business.


What happens when a business fires an employee?


Your practice will be notified when an employee is terminated. You will be responsible to not accept their benefits card as valid if a terminated employee comes into your practice for treatment.


What happens when a business hires a new employee?


The new employee will be set up as a new employee under the same contract term as the business wherever the business is at in their existing contract. If the contract started in January and the new employee was hired in June, the new employee would receive a benefits card that expires at the same time as the other employees.


Can my business have their own subscription model for business benefits?


No you cannot. To participate in Health Plus, you will need utilize our benefits program. If you have a referral that wants to have a small business benefit, you will have to sign them through Health Plus. If you decide to opt out of Health Plus partnership to provide your own business benefits program, you can do so. You will still need to complete your existing commitments and you will no longer receive new patients through Health Plus. Your existing Health Plus patients will be transferred to another practice in the area after your commitment is completed since they are customers of Health Plus. 


Can I charge my normal rates when treatment outside the subscription is needed?


Yes you can do this, but we advise that you be transparent with the customer that they will be charged an additional amount. Health Plus does not receive commission on any up selling of services you perform.


What is the process to opt out of a partnership with Health Plus?


It's quite simple, you would inform Health Plus of your intention. Then you will no longer receive new patients, but your existing contract will need to be completed to the end of the contract term. Once the contract is complete, any business benefit patients Health Plus brought will be shifted to another practice for coverage. 


What if I don't offer sleep consultations?


Unfortunately, your won't qualify to partner with Health Plus.


What if I don't offer all the Comfort Plus plan features?


Every practice partnered with Health Plus is only required to offer a minimum of the Health Plus plan. If a company chooses the Comfort Plus plan, they will be placed with a practice that can provide that service.