Employer Guide to Benefits

Start Small

That's right...you may have already noticed how incredibly expensive adding benefits to a business can be. Benefits help attain and retain top talent and it's important to have some options even as a small business. Traditional health care may be out of reach for now and that is OK. In fact, you may decide to never go that route since your employees still have to pay a massive deductible. 

Instead, start small and be smart. Think about what benefits not only help your employees, but also help your business. 

Why Start with Chiropractic Care?

Chiropractics is form of primary care that can be a major perk for employees. In addition, it directly impacts your bottom line since poor health can either limit employee tasks or reduce their ability to performance due to pain distractions. 

This is a unique benefit that will set you apart from your hiring competition. It's a benefit for both office jobs and manual labor. Office jobs commonly have posture issues that cause issues for employees. Manual labor jobs tend to cause muscular issues that can put an employee out of commission. Wellness Visits can prevent both of these common scenarios.  

Select a Plan

Now that you see the incredible value this type of health care benefit provides to your business, all you need to do is select a plan that works best for you. You can either select one plan for all employees or you can choose which employee gets what type of plan. 

Our Story

This platform was created by the son of a small town Chiropractor. After forming a successful IT services company, the founder decided to help his family business by bringing them more patients while filling a large need for affordable small business benefits.

Our Vision

Our vision is to give small business employers an affordable benefit to add to their portfolio. This is done through negotiating the perfect health care plan with almost zero administration costs that inflate pricing. Now small businesses can attract top talent using affordable benefits.


Subscription based health care to local providers to ensure the best care. It's the perfect substitution to traditional health insurance options. Employers can select the ideal health plan benefit to attract top talent while keeping their employees health.